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Directions to Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic


PO Box 151

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

Saturday 08:00 - 11:30


A veterinarian is on call for emergencies out of the above hours.  His/her cell number will be available on the practice telephone answering machine (042 295 1083) and the practice cellular phone (071 180 3639).

Dairy Cattle

This vaccination programme is a guidelines only. Please discuss a tailor-made programme for your farm with one of our veterinarians. 



When to Vaccinate


When to Vaccinate


Colostrum (the best vaccine!!)

 Within 6 hours of birth!

Scourguard / Rotavec  Corona

3  weeks before calving

 Bovishield FP

7 days [only if BVD/IBR not under control on the farm]

Paratyphoid [inactivated]

(on problem farms)

3 – 4 weeks before calving

Paratyphoid (live)

14 days (not younger and only one dose)





when antibiotics are used after live vaccine



Pasteurella eg. Bovi-Tect P

as from 14 days

Bovishield / Bovi-tect III

(if management is not

precise, rather use Cattlemaster 4 or Quarat)

Within 10 days after calving

Pregnant females can be vaccinated with Bovishield FP4 + L5 if properly vaccinated previously

Piligard Pink-eye

3 months





Rift Valley Fever

3 months [6 months if dams have been vaccinated]




Anthrax, Botulism &
Quarter Evil [Supavax]

4 – 5 months

Anthrax & Botulism

Annually (any time)





Multi-Clostridial eg 
Ultrachoice / Covexin
plus Anthrax




Rift Valley Fever

6 months [see above]

Rift Valley Fever


Brucellosis (CA)
Strain 19 

4 – 8 months
(4 – 6 months in Jerseys)

Pasteurella (optional)

Late summer

RB51 (only non-pregnant animals)

1 month after Strain 19 [period in between can be longer than 1 month)




6 months



Redwater + Gallsickness

8 months (between 3-9 months)



Bovishield / Bovi-tect III

2 vaccinations: 
The first between 3 – 5 months
The second between 6 – 12 months



Scourguard / Rotavec Corona


2 vaccinations 5 & 2 weeks 
before calving 





late summer



Pilligard Pink-eye

12 months (follow-up after calf vaccination)