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042 295 1083
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Directions to Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic


PO Box 151

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

Saturday 08:00 - 11:30


A veterinarian is on call for emergencies out of the above hours.  His/her cell number will be available on the practice telephone answering machine (042 295 1083) and the practice cellular phone (071 180 3639).

Pig Vaccines

This vaccination programme is a guidelines only. Please discuss a tailor-made programme for your farm with one of our veterinarians.


Three vaccines should be used in all piggeries, namely those which protect against Parvo, Erysipelas and E coli. Other vaccines are used if necessary on a particular farm.

Basic Vaccination Schedule for Commercial Piggeries:


At selection vaccinate against Parvo, Erysipelas and E coli and one month later or when service period starts, repeat Parvo and Erysipelas. Give the second E.coli 3 – 4 weeks before farrowing


At every weaning: Parvo and Erysipelas. Three weeks before every farrowing: E coli. If this is impractical in your situation, vaccinate all sows every 6 months with Parvo, Erysipelas and E coli.


Vaccinate boars against Erysipelas and Parvo twice a year.


There are numerous other vaccines and schedules, which might be necessary on specific farms.

Leptospirosis is a potential problem and vaccination should be considered as an abortion storm, could be very costly and it could be reducing fertility – see below. (The Leptospirosis vaccine must include protection against Leptospira bratislava.)

Vaccination for Mycoplasma pneumonia, ileitis and Circovirus is necessary on many farms.
Consult your veterinarian.
Keep vaccines refrigerated and use sterile procedures.

Examples of commercial vaccines:

E coli

  • Neocolipor, Litterguard LT-C, Scourmune C and Porcilis Coli

Combination vaccines for Parvo & Erysipelas

  • Farrowsure B, , Suvaxyn PLE&B, Parvoruvax, Parvosuin-MR
  • The first two also protect against Leptospirosis.

Respiratory disease

  • Vaccines for Mycoplasmal pneumonia: M+Pac, Respisure and Porcilis M.
  • Vaccines for Atrophic Rhinitis : Porcilis ART and Suvaxyn AR/T/E


  • Enterisol Ileitis


  • Circovac
  • Ingelvac Circoflex
  • Fontera PCV


Leptospira bratislava is difficult to diagnose, but may nevertheless be reducing fertility on some units. Recent evidence indicates that vaccination with vaccines containing L.bratislava can improve fertility.