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Contact Us

042 295 1083
071 180 3639


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Directions to Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic


PO Box 151

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

Saturday 08:00 - 11:30


A veterinarian is on call for emergencies out of the above hours.  His/her cell number will be available on the practice telephone answering machine (042 295 1083) and the practice cellular phone (071 180 3639).


Vaccination Programme for Sheep

This vaccination programme is a guidelines only. Please discuss a tailor-made programme for your farm with one of our veterinarians.


Blue Tongue

  • Vaccinate annually before summer. Plan ahead for THREE SEPARATE vaccinations.
  • Vaccinate ewes before mating and rams after mating
  • Vaccinate lambs at 6 months

Pulpy Kidney

  • Vaccinate ewes annually with alum type
  • Vaccinate lambs at 2 - 3 months with oil type  and again a month later with alum type.
  • Repeat alum type 6 months later.


  • Vaccinate all sheep annually in late summer.
  • Vaccinate lambs twice (1 month interval)

Enzootic Abortion

  • Vaccinate maiden ewes twice 4 -8 weeks before mating.

Rift Valley Fever 

  • Use live vaccine in non-pregnant animals over 6 months of age.

Brucella Rev. 1 (studs only)

  • Vaccinate male lambs at weaning (2 -4 months).



ON PROBLEM FARMS vaccinate 4 -6 weeks before lambing for

  • Blue Udder    
  • E.coli 
  • Tetanus


Example of a Vaccination Programme 


6 Weeks prior to lambing Glanvac 3 (contains Pulp Kidney, Tetanus and Caseous lymphadenitis)
3 Weeks prior to lambing Vaccinate with a multi-clostridial vaccine e.g. Ultrachoice 7 Multiclos, Siteguard MLG
Early In spring Start  with Bluetongue vaccinations (A, B + C separately,    3 weeks apart
Late summer Pasteurella



6 - 8 weeks of age (at marking) Glanvac 3
4 – 6 weeks later (at weaning ) Glanvac 3



  • Best vaccination site: subcutaneously behind the ear where wool and bare skin meet.
  • The first dose of inactivated vaccines should be followed up 4 -6 weeks later with a booster dose
  • Vaccine anthelmintic combinations are often UNDERDOSED because body weight of ewes is underestimated (weigh the largest ewes to check)