Veterinary Clinic

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Contact Us

042 295 1083
071 180 3639


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Directions to Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic


PO Box 151

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

Saturday 08:00 - 11:30


A veterinarian is on call for emergencies out of the above hours.  His/her cell number will be available on the practice telephone answering machine (042 295 1083) and the practice cellular phone (071 180 3639).


Farm AnimalsFacilities on dairy farm

How do we help farmers improve their production and thus their profits?

Herd Health & Production Consultancy

  • Dairy Cattle
  • Beef Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Pigs


Genesiological [reproductive] work

  • Pregnancy diagnoses by ultra-sound scanning Reproductive organ examination and treatment of problem cases
    • Cattle
    • Sheep
    • Pigs
    • Equines
  • Synchronization of oestrus and artificial insemination
  • Relief of dystocias by manipulation and traction, foetotomy and caesarean section
  • Bull and ram breeding soundness examinations
  • Investigation of disease outbreaks

Necropsy (post mortem examinations)


Liver biopsies for trace element analysis

Blood transfusions in cattle

Tuberculosis and Brucellosis (CA) testing


Hoof care (hoof trimming and treatment)





Darting / immobilization [chemical capture] and treatment of  game




Vaccination Programmes:






Examinations and consultations




  • Digital X-rays
  • Ultra-sound scanning


  • Routine sterilizations: castrations and panhysterectomy
  • Trauma surgery 
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Orthopaedics


Blood transfusions



  • Ultra-sound and manual scaling


Bereavement counseling


We are also equipped with 

  • Gas anaesthetic equipment
  • Centrifuge
  • Oil-immersion and stereo microscopes
  • Apalert (respiration monitor)
  • Refractometer